Welcome to the farm of Mario´s Chihuahuas, the paradise of miniature dogs. A place where the dog are raiser in family environment of love with all my family, sorrounded by the best service and care, giving them a sweet and loving, are also endless playful and happy we devote our time to socialize the pups through group play with other family embers, cats and dogs.

The features that differentiate our dogs are:

-Perfect angles, expresion, very balanced and super small.

-Very good character, loving to be heavy, playful and daring. Excellent companions for childrens and adults.

-Safe and healthy, without genetic defects.

-Dogs with those of us for years the foundation of our kennel and those who have continued to renew many champions of national and international levels amongtheir ancestors. All this is translated into great physical attributes in the puppies we offer, in addition to health and a strong genetic line agaist disease, virus etc...

-We are experienced breeders we guarantee all our puppies. In our veterinary center, our staff constantly monitors the health and genetics of our dog.

-We have: License sales and Zoological Animals, prerequisites for the legal sale of animals and poential claims.

-We handle the pedigree in R.S.C.E.(Royal Canine Society of Spain)

To see photos of our dog, clik this menu below in male or female.

Our prices vary depending on the characteristics of each dog.

All of our puppies are delivered from 2 months with the following documents:






-PEDIGREE (if applicable)

-We ship all our dogs to Spain by M.R.W. Pets agains paiment (only copies of 4 months or more, and if temperatures are optimal fr travel)

If you have any questions we are happy to inform you, without any compromise in email marioszoo@hotmail.com